TRACE IT! From the Supply Chain to the Customer via the store

A team of hardware and software engineers and developers dedicated to the implementation of RFID technology and supporting companies, helping with the integration of RFID into all of the business processes, from production to the end consumer.

Process management software


Temera has developed TMR-CORE, a middleware that includes the experiences and projects that have been completed for all of our clients, ensuring secure and quick implementation without costly personalization.

TMR-CORE is a modular product which allows us to achieve the expected results and eliminate risks through easy integration with various busines management tools such as ERP, WMS, and POS.

Hardware for process management


LABID, a producer of RFID tags, and Temera have joined forces to offer a unique experience in the design and production of customized labels through the creation of what can be defined as a real and true “integrated service” for the management of the specific needs of every single customer.

Tailored software for fashion industries.


We take care to develop our clients’ business, contributing to their growth within the market, providing our experience and technological solutions.

TMR CORE is the middleware for the management of RFID technology within business processes which guarantees the control of every phase, from production to distribution, making the whole process transparent.


Real Time Inventory and RTLS

the RFID t!eam

30 projects finalized from 2009 to 2016