We analyse the problem and we solve it!

Together with our clients, we analyse the issue that has been causing problems.
We plan activities through a 360-degree analysis of the production and distribution chain
in order to judge the project feasibility.
We implement the final project after the successful completion of the pilot project.

80 Years of experience


Temera Srl was born in 2009, in the heart of Tuscany, as the brainchild of a team of entreprenuers who have acrued a vast amount of succesful experience in the sector of logisitics for the fashion industry, both in Italy and abroad.

Analysing the problem

Feasability Studies

Our mission is to combine expertise and technology to analyse and improve logitistics processes. Our method doesn’t produce standard solutions, but offers a tailored approach, modeled on the real needs of the client and inspired by solidity and innovation. Together with the client, Temera is able to form a collaboration that runs from the definition of improvements and changes right up to the implementation of the project, in order to facilitate and monitor the achievement of objectives.

Accomplishing the project


Logistics plays a strategic role in ensuring the company's competitiveness: a key asset in which every action must be governed by a careful and solid organizational strategy.
Therefore, logistics consultancy has become fundamental for governing the the complexity of business operating processes and for ensuring the correct level of customer service; for example, chosing if and how to reorganise the warehouse, what level of automation to introduce, whether or not to outsource logistics, and other fundamentally important questions such as the level of waste and how to organise the distribution network.
The difusion and democratization of RFID technology in recent years has opened up new horizons. Temera’s consultancy team offers a unique combination of logistics expertise, technology and supply chain and is the ideal partner for the exploration of these new possiblities.

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